How to Choose the Best and the Safest PG3D Hack

Are you currently trying to find a PG3D hack because you are tired of getting shot in the head ten seconds after the game started? Well, you are making a great choice because PG3D cheat generator is exactly the one you need to make the game more exciting.

We know what the deal is with using a cheat tool for this game. You can get as many coins and gems as you want hence freedom to purchase the craft items, gadgets and weapons that will make you stronger. However, since a hack generator is definitely not an official thing from the game, you need to be careful in choosing the hack tool if you don’t want to compromise your online safety.

Overall, there are three types of PG3D hack that you can choose—online generator, game data changer and mod files. Each has their own advantages but if you want the simplest and the safest method, the first one is definitely the best option.

Online generator is generally safe to use because it doesn’t require any installation, unlike the second and third option. Furthermore, it is also very simple and you don’t need any technical skill to make it work. You simply need provide user name as well as the amount of gems and coins you need and everything is settled.

If you play Pixel Gun 3D via iOS, which is famous for being very hard to tweak, online generator is your life savior. It supports all devices and since it doesn’t change any setting of your phone, this trick will work even for iOS. If you use game data changer, you will need to root your device first, but it is not the case for online generator. This trick will not void the warranty of your device so it is safe to say that online generator is the best safest PG3D hack method that you can easily try.